The Irish Dance Project

Our dancers have all been trained in Ireland or in Australia to meet the expectations the audience places on a show today after sensations like Riverdance conquered the world’s scenes. The group took home the 1st, 2nd and 4th placement in the Nordic Championships in Irish Dance Copenhagen 2001 The group took home the Nordic Champion title in the Nordic Championships in Irish Dance Stockholm 2002, as well as gold in the League competitions in traditional choirs and free shows.

The group has performed together with world-renowned Dervish and also performed with Waves, Ború, Quilty, Blackthorn, Kingdom Come and others. The dancers have participated in almost 200 events including prestigious scenes such as Globen, Stockholm City and Concert Hall, Rättvik Dansen, Nalen, Kungsträdgården and three tours. Danced also at the Dubliners popular Irish Christmas table.The group was also watched on TV-3 on “Irish Night” and “Tonight Lantz.”

Our Shows

Our performances consist of a medley of Irish soft and hard codings, from Reels and Jigs to a’Capella song – Without music, concentrated on rhythms.We also have the privilege of working with Sweden’s foremost Irish musician in all possible styles, all in order to offer arrangements with a fine traditional touch, as well as music evenings with a cozy pub atmosphere.We can offer everything from shorter show pieces with recorded music and two to four dancers, to fully-featured performances with up to twelve participants.We can also organize Irish weekend evenings with music and dance where the audience is also able to participate.


We can also offer workshops and weekend classes in dance where we learn the basics of solo and set dance. We also have contact with a number of talented musicians with many years of experience on their instruments for courses in Irish music.

Solo dance

Dance style is probably the one that most people think about when someone says Irish dance.As the name suggests, this usually dances solo and is basically a form of competition but has become very popular as a show dance.

Set Dance

Is the form that comes first in contact with visiting Ireland and is the more social form of Irish dance. It is danced in four pairs in a square. This dance form is more relaxed and can fit a little older group or people without previous dance.

Banjo and Mandolin

 Brian Friel is a master of both instruments and has played since childhood. He performs regularly throughout the country.

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Irish Dance Styles

The Irish dance originated in Ireland, and it encompasses dancing both solo and in groups. Irish dance is influenced by English country dancing and French quadrilles in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Irish dance was considered as a serious activity, and travelling dance masters taught it to the people all over Ireland during this period. Later many dance forms were developed in several regions, and the dances had different purposes. During the Irish nationalist movements, the Irish dancing was a notable part of their culture. Irish Set Dancing The following are some of the types of Irish Dance styles:

Irish Set Dancing:

The Irish Set Dancing comprises of eight dancers, and these dancers combine into four sets. The dance is done by keeping the feet flat, and the body relaxed. Your arms need to be in the air in a gliding style. The Irish Set dancing is an energetic and refreshing style of dance; this type of dance is based on dancing Quadrilles. These dancing Quadrilles were originated from France, but the Irish have combined their music and steps to the dance more rhythmic, vibrant and entertaining. The dancers keep their feet very low, and it is usually flat to the floor. You can see their feet pushing and sweeping the floor.  Based on the rhythm, they move their feet, and it is brilliant to watch. The Irish set dancing can be compared to American square dancing, as both of them have similar steps but Irish dance steps are more organised and have a disciplined structure of music.

Irish Two-Hand Dancing:

The two hand dancing style includes a group of couples dancing to the same steps and music and these steps are usually repeated, and they follow a pattern. Some of the popular two-hand dances include Pride of Erin Waltz, The Peeler and The Goat, Shoe the Donkey and the Circle Waltz. Irish two-hand dances styles are danced mostly at social gatherings called Cèilid.

Irish Céilí Dancing:

Céilí dancing is pronounced as “Kay-lee” dancing. The dance involves dancing with a partner separately as a couple and also dancing as part of a group. The Irish Céilí Dancing is also performed in competitions. The Céilí Dancing Style is said to be done with pointed toes. Many dancers dance up on the balls or front of the feet. They don’t place their feet on the floor as they do for set dancing.  Their hands are usually held high, unlike most Irish set dances where the hands are kept low.

Old-style Sean Nós Dancing:

The Old-style Sean Nós Dancing is kind of solo dancing, and it has individual steps, and the dance steps deeply correlate with the music. The feet are usually kept flat on the floor, and the body is kept relaxed. The hips and arms are let loose. The Old-style Sean Nós Dancing can be compared to the English Country dancing and the renaissance dancing.

Fascinating Facts about Irish Music

Traditional Irish Music is known quite popularly all over the world. The prolific nature of the music has caught the attention of many people from different places. It has roughly been only two decades since Irish Music gained recognition on such a large scale. Irish music can be traced back to the Celts who arrived in Ireland almost two thousand years ago. The Celts were skilful, and they loved craft work and music. Having been in Eastern Europe for a long time, the Celts were influenced by the music of the East; many believe that the Irish Harp must have originated in Egypt.  Irish Music The following are some of the fascinating facts about Irish music:

Harps in Euro Coins:

The Irish are pretty much involved in their music, and they value it so much that they have even pictured a harp in their Euro coins.

Intricate Footwork:

Irish are also quite famous for their dancing styles. They have various types of dance styles, and most of these dances are very entertaining. The dancers maintain a stiff upper body and at the same time perform some extraordinary dance moves with their legs.


Most of the Irish dances are performed in a céilidh. It is pronounced as Kay-lee, and it is a social gathering, and people come together to celebrate their tradition by playing music, and they dance to the music that is being played. The music that is played is mostly Gaelic music.

John McCormack:

John was a famous Irish singer who usually performed both popular songs and operatic repertoire. John McCormack became quite popular during the first part of the 20th century, and he was one of the first artists to have his music spread widely through phonograph records.

Riverdance, 1994:

There was a Eurovision Song Contest that was conducted in the year 1994, and the Irish performed their music and dance in the contest, and many people were impressed by their performance that they built the entire show based on the music and dance of the Irish.

Popular Irish Bands:

We have some famous bands from Ireland, and they have made extraordinary music. Some of such music bands are Westlife, U2, Cranberries, Enya and Van Morrison.

Four-string tenor banjo:

The four-string tenor banjo originated among African slaves who were in the United States. The four-string tenor banjo was brought to Ireland by emigrants who were returning and is now accepted as Irish Folk music.

Tin whistle:

The tin whistle is quite popular in Ireland and the Clarke Company in Manchester, England had produced the instrument. It is not expensive, and many Irish schoolchildren are quite eager to learn the basics of the instrument.

Irish Harp:

The Irish Harp was there in their music from the 10th Century, but many people believe that the Celts who settled in Ireland must have got influenced by the Egyptians and learnt how to play the harp from them.

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