How to solve Garage problems during winter

When winter approaches, you will start experiencing some challenges with your garage door system. Issues range from the door refusing to open and close or your vehicle having starter problems. This is where insulated garage doors act as lifesavers. This article will explore some common garage door problems during winter and how to solve them.
Contracting metals

If you have problems with your garage opener when going up or down, then you may be experiencing problems with metal contracting. This makes it harder for the opener to operate. You can solve this by force adjustment on your opener. Read the user’s manual before doing this. You can also use a lube on the hinges, rollers, and bearings. Lubrication helps keep metal objects from shrinking and seizing up.
During winter you may observe more broken springs and loose screws. Call a professional for spring issues. This is due to the high tension that can cause injuries.

Weatherspring problems

While the purpose of the weatherspring is to protect your garage from weather elements, it is during winter that you will find torn weathersprings. This can be brought about when snow accumulates around the door and destroys part of the weathersprings. To prevent this clear any snow that appears before the garage door.

Grease Buildup

During winter you will notice that grease coagulates around the tracks and rollers. This makes it hard to operate your garage opener. You can avoid this by applying a fresh coat of silicone lubricant. Silicon can withstand cold weather better. Avoid using too much lubricant as it can overload your automatic opener or misalignment of your rollers.

Broken Gears

You may notice that your garage opener has the illusion of moving, but the door does not open. Ice freezing can cause this at your door; this makes it difficult for the garage opener to open your door. You can clear the ice on the garage door. Another method to prevent this is spraying some cooking oil on the bottom rubber seal of your door. If this does not work, you can call a garage door repair company.

Garage door will not open

This is due to ice accumulating on the garage door. The opener gears are trying to open the door but its stuck. The first thing you need to do is clear any ice near the door. If it is still stuck, try disconnecting the garage opener and raising the door by hand look for the exact spot that is causing the door to be stuck. You will often find ice or grease. Clear these, and you can then reconnect your opener. If you use an electric opener make sure that the photo eyes are aligned.

For moving parts like rollers and hinges clean them with a solvent and then clean them off with a wire brush. Make sure you wipe off any excess liquids.


Winter causes many of the garage door components not to function correctly. You can lubricate movable parts and clear any ice that appears in front of the garage door. Call for professional for any mechanical fixes.

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