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Since 1997 we have been involved in producing a number of major projects.
We participated in the Stockholm Irish Dancers and choreographed 1998 together with Felix Herngren / Papi Raul, celebrating the performance of the “Toner for Millions” galan in Globen.


Together with four other dancers, we formed the spring of 1999 Celtic Dancers. We choreographed a series of new dance songs, and with the group there were a number of performances.

KF-100 years:
With 25 parties around the country, the KF management would invite their employees on an evening that they would late forget. The entertainment consisted of Martin Timell as conferencier, Sven Ingvars and a dance program we assembled specifically for this tour. The entire opening number was presented in Consumer Clothing at the request of the KF management.

Folk tour:
Together with Grafi Produktion from Rättvik, we created a Swedish-Irish show that toured around Dalarna in summer 1999. In the performance, folklore, dance and music were turned into a fantastic light play. The show also contained a highly appreciated fire number where Tove got use for his circus experience.
The picture shows the custom-made Rättvik apparel that could be shortened to fit the Irish dance form.

Celtic Spirit:
The Celtic Spirit show was premiere during the Rättvik Folklore Festival in the summer of 2000. The show featured a mix of Irish and Scottish dance and music. It was also set up at Dansens Hus in two performances in the fall.
The picture shows the ensemble as it appeared at the premiere.

In the fall of 2000, the Irish Dance Project was finally formed. We are all trained in Ireland and teach for weeks at Kulturama in Stockholm as well as at workshops around the country. We are now practicing and choreographing Stockholm Irish Dancers.


A very fun project to implement was the Riverhans project. At the company’s annual celebration Hans Almström was assigned to Johnson & Johnson to learn to dance in one year. He took a lot of lessons for us all year long, and in the end we managed to put together a 20-minute program with solo and common songs, where he got the chance to show what he learned, including songs from our own repertoire.

All costumes have been sewn specially for our shower. We perform on everything from pubs to major festivals. In summer 2001, we with Boru and the Rättvik folklore show who diligently engaged Irish dancers in recent years.

We also got a chance to perform together with the world-renowned Dervish group. A feature that was much appreciated by the audience.

During the spring, another seven of Stockholm’s best Irish dancers have been trained especially for the Irish Dance Project’s new performance – After all, the Land of Youth, the Field of Happiness, where everything can happen …

In the performance, Theresa Hesselbom also sings from Kulturas Musikallinje.

The performance was put on the alias Theatre in Stockholm – 4 almost sold out performances. The audience’s response was hugely positive.

“Best We Ever Seen”

“Incredible song performances, I’m just rosy!”

“Lovely pace and cool corrections.”

Photos from Dublin’s 10th anniversary.

Peter, Tove o Peter and Theresa on song